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netKar PRO is a PC based racing car simulator with realistic physics
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In the world of racing simulators, realism is what counts. However, there wasn't enough realism in the current crop of simulators, which prompted one man to create his own. netKar Pro is a jewel created by just one man, all the code, graphics and tools have been developed by Stefano "Kunos" Casillo. The game has been created since its conception as an ultra-realistic racing simulator. The physics have been acclaimed as one of the best in the business and the realism doesn't end there. For starters, there are no graphical aids, no HUD, no driving aids. If you don't go out of your car and check the pit box number, you'll have no idea which one is yours. All the information you need you have it on your steering wheel, like most drivers, so your awareness must be in great shape. All the buttons in the cockpit are functional so you can click them with the mouse, and you have to, to start all the switches to turn on the engine. The game has no AI which means its meant to be a multi player game. You get a range of different formula cars, obviously with its own physics, and a small amount of tracks. The game's net code has to be fixed a bit, and the big drawback is the lack of more tracks. However, considering this is a game made by one man it is impressive. The graphics are good enough and the engine can provide more. There will be tools released for developers to create their own mods, but they will only be released if "Kunos" feels they have the quality needed for the game. If you are a hardcore sim-racer, or if you want to be a racing driver, get this game NOW. If you are a casual gamer you are probably better off with something simpler.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Great simulation and cockpits


  • Few selection of tracks
  • Still in Development
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